To a Distant Friend

William Wordsworth

华兹华斯与柯尔律治(Samuel Taylor Coleridge)、骚塞(Robert Southey)同被称为“湖畔派”诗人(Lake Poets)。他们也是英国文学中最早出现的浪漫主义作家。他们喜爱大自然,描写宗法制农村生活,厌恶资本主义的城市文明和冷酷的金钱关系,他们远离城市,隐居在昆布兰湖区和格拉斯米尔湖区,由此得名“湖畔派”。


Why art thou silent? Is thy love a plant

Of such weak fiber that the treacherous air

Of absence withers what was once so fair?

Is there no debt to pay, no boon to grant?

Yet have my thoughts for thee been vigilant,

Bound to thy service with unceasing care—

The mind’s lest generous wish a mendicant

For nought but what thy happiness could spare.

Speak!—though soft warm heart, once free to hold

A thousand tender pleasures, thine and mine,

Be left more desolate, more dreary cold

Than a foreasaken bird’s-nest fill’d with snow

‘Mid its own bush of leafless eglantine—

Speak, that my torturing doubts their end may know!